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Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) is a sterilization ingredient which will clean your mouth and prevent bad breath.
The nature sweet constituent Xylitol is blended which is gentle to teeth and highly popular as promotional items for the restroom.
Long Spin is blended with Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) which is effective in preventing bad breath by washing your mouth. The nature sweet constituent Xylitol is blended and gentle to your teeth.It can be used to clean your mouth, refresh your mouth before or after teeth examination.

Long Spin Series is
quasi drug with effects as the following.

▶ purify your mouth

▶ refresh your mouth

▶ prevent bad breath

14ml potion type is clean and safe because it is used up once.
Also it is easy to open the cup without getting your hands dirty. 50ml bottle can be used 3〜5 times. It is useful for your restroom and convenient to carry in its small size.
Non-alcoholic mouthwash with less stimulus is welcome to children and elderly person.
Mild feeling and refreshing scent of citrus mint.
Rinse thoroughly for 20 seconds and spit out. It is more effective in the prevention of bad breath if you more consciously let the liquid spread to every corner of your mouth. When you care about your breath, when you have no time to brush your teeth, when you want to refresh your mouth before teeth examination, use our mouthwash.
Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC) is a compound represented by the molecular formula C21H38NCI, which is the constituent mostly used in mouthwash, troche, tissue for the purpose of sterilization.It is expected to have bactericidal effects preventing bad breath to fungi (mold etc.), especially staphylococcus, the main cause for bad breath.
Long Spin X 14mL Quasi drug 14mL Mint 100pcs×10Boxes
Long Spin X 50mL Bottle 50mL Mint 25Bottles×8Boxes
Long Spin R 14mL 14mL Rose 100pcs×10Boxes
Long Spin Z 14mL 14mL Citrus Mint 100pcs×10Boxes